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Flavor Guide
139 Flavorings & 8 Enhancements

We created this guide to help you understand how each of our individual flavorings taste. Click on a flavor to view more details such as recommended flavor combinations and steeping guidelines

Any flavoring on this list can be configured as a Single Flavor e-Liquid, or added as part of a custom blend in our e-Liquid Lab!

Don't forget to check out the Premium Blends section, our own secret recipes made from flavorings on this list! See if you can figure out our recipes for yourself!

  Flavor  Rating Description  
Absinthe (TFA) Wonderful blend of anise notes.  
Acai (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Juicy and deep Acai berry.
Apple (TFA) Fresh & crisp red apple, more sweet than tart.
Apple Pie (TFA) Rich apple pie with a flaky crust.
Banana (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Mellow and smooth banana flavor.  
Banana - Ripe (TFA) Ripe, fresh banana. NOTE: Banana - Ripe flavoring may cause your custom e-Liquid blend to become
Banana Cream (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Smooth and creamy with a natural banana taste.
Banana Nut Bread (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Rich and delicious nutty banana flavor with bakery notes.
Bavarian Cream (TFA) Warm & creamy vanilla that blends well with anything.
New! Berry Crunch Cereal (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Crunchy Berries for a taste of childhood breakfast.
Black Cherry (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Realistic fresh cherry, true to the actual fruit rather than candy-like.
Black Tea (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Strong unsweetened black tea.
Blackberry (FA) Deep musky blackberry.
Blackberry (TFA) Tart, crisp blackberry. Less floral than our other blackberry flavoring.
Blueberry (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Sweet & fruity blueberry flavor.
Boysenberry (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Strong, fruity Boysenberry.
Brandy (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Dark, creamy brandy.
Brown Sugar Extra (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Dark sweetness, perfect for blending.
Bubblegum - Juicy Fruit Style (TFA) Just like that classic yellow pack of gum.
Butterscotch (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Rich and creamy butterscotch, great on it's own or blended.
Cake - Yellow (FW) Soft and fluffy yellow cake with vanilla frosting.  
Caramel - Original (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
More rich than candylike, featuring maple & carmelized sugar notes.
Caramel Cappuccino (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Rich dark coffee with a hint of caramel sweetness.
Catalan Cream (FA)
Not Yet Rated
A delicious blend of vanilla, cream and spices, with a delicate caramel undertone.
Chai Tea (TFA) Very nice Chai Tea, light on the spice. Works great when blended!
Champagne (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Bright, bubbly, and best when mixed with other flavors. Try it with a citrus flavor!
Cheesecake (TFA) Subtly smooth & creamy, great combined with fruit flavors.
Chocolate - Double (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Rich chocolate, like a delicious chocolate cake.
Cinnamon (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Spicy, delicious cinnamon with unparalelled complexity.
Cinnamon Danish (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Rich freshly baked cinnamon-bun. Great with vanilla or creamy flavors!
Citrus Mix (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Orange, lemon, grapefruit & mandarin come together.
Clove (FA) Warm & spicy clove.
Cocoa (FA) Deep chocolaty cocoa.
New! Cocoa Rounds Cereal (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Puffed Cocoa for a taste of childhood breakfast.
Coconut (TFA) Light, fresh tasting coconut.
Coconut - Rich (CAP)
Not Yet Rated
Rich and powerful coconut. This is a stronger flavor than our other coconut.
Coffee - Kona (TFA) Dark black Hawaiian coffee.
Cola (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Refreshing cola with a mild spice.
Cotton Candy (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
The essence of sweet, best when blended.
Cotton Candy - Circus (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Traditional blue cotton candy sweetness with a hint of fruit.
Cranberry (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Natural & bright cranberry flavor, not too tart & not too sweet.
New! Cream Soda (FW) Creamy with hints of fizz and vanilla.
Custard (FA) Sweet yet savory custard, wonderful blended with dessert flavors.
Dark Chocolate - Double (TFA) Very rich, smooth dark chocolate.
Dragonfruit (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Mellow, fruity dragonfruit with tropical accents.
Dulce De Leche (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Like a sweet milky caramel.
Earl Grey Tea (TFA) Delightful tea with bergamot.
Ecto Cooler (FW)
Not Yet Rated
Classic orange/tangerine flavor from your childhood.  
Elderberry (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Rich, sweet and reminiscent of elderberry jam.
Elderflower (TW)
Not Yet Rated
Distinctive floral essence of white elderflowers.
English Toffee (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Natural & subtle toffee flavor with a slight custard note, great for blending.
Forest Fruit (FA) A rich blend of four juicy berries.  
French Vanilla (TFA) Just like the ice cream, subtle with no custard notes.
New! Fruit Circles Cereal (TFA) Fruity and Loopy, for a taste of childhood breakfast.
Gin (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Juniper berry notes provide a sweet, tart flavor.
New! Ginger (FW)
Not Yet Rated
Spicy-sweet, piquant ginger.
Ginger Ale (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Refreshing ginger soda flavor, also works as a light herbal ginger.
Graham Cracker (TFA) Traditional graham cracker taste.
Grape Juice (TFA) Like grape drink, or perhaps a grape lollipop.
Grapefruit (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Sour, tangy, and bittersweet. A great standalone citrus flavor!
Green Tea (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Envigorating & nuanced green tea.
Guava (FA) Tropical juicy guava fruit.
Gummy Candy (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Just like a gummy bear. Add a hint of fruit flavoring for a delicious combo!
Hazelnut (FA) Warm and nutty with a hint of hazelnut sweetness.
Hibiscus Tea (TFA) Tart and lively, a refreshing hibiscus tea.
Honey (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Very sweet honey with a light clover flower essence.
Honeydew (FW)
Not Yet Rated
Sweet and delicious honeydew melon.
Honeysuckle (TFA) Ethereal & tender nectar from the honeysuckle flower.
Horchata (TFA) Traditional Central and South American rice milk drink with vanilla and cinnamon.
Horehound (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Old-fashioned herbs reminiscent of mint, wildflowers & mild licorice.
Huckleberry (TFA) Very strong and musky fruit flavor.
Hypnotic Myst (FA) Cool, complex with notes of citrus and melon, with a very light floral sweetness.
Jasmine (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Intense, floral & deep jasmine.
Kentucky Bourbon (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Very realistic Kenucky-style bourbon flavor.
Key Lime (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Fresh natural lime flavor.
Kiwi (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Sweet and juicy kiwi fruit.
Lavender (FA) Relaxing & floral lavender.
Lemon (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Fresh & tart lemon.
Lemonade (FW)
Not Yet Rated
Refreshing lemonade.  
Lime - Tahity (FA) Strong, sharp lime with a full citrus kick.
Liquid Amber (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Perfect for blending, gives a hint of sour citrus.  
New! Lychee (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Sweet Lychee fruit with floral undertones.
Malted Milk (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Old-fashioned distinctive malt flavor. Great blended with vanillas!
Mandarin (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Juicy, ripe mandarin orange.
Mango (FA) Warm, sour tropical mango fruit.
Maple Syrup (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Sweet but mellow pure maple syrup.
Maraschino Cherry (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Potent cherry just like maraschino.
Marshmallow (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Delicate & sweet, great for blending.
Marshmallow - Toasted (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Deliciously toasty marshmallow flavor. This one is spot on!
Menthol (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Potent & bright menthol.
New! Mojito (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
A refreshing cocktail with lime and mint.
Mountain DO Drink (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Just like that classic yellow caffinated drink.
Musk Candy (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Unique flavor, based on the Musk Lifesaver candy. Strong, heady, perfumey flavor.
Oba Oba (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Sweet & complex, reminiscent of freshly baked white cake.
Orange (FW)
Not Yet Rated
A juicy orange that reminds some people of a popular powdered orange drink.
New! Orange Zest (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Mildly tart orange.
Ozone (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Mild, like the scent left in the air after a thunderstorm.
Papaya (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Juicy & tropical papaya fruit.
Passionfruit (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Potent & fruity passionfruit.
Peach (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
True & tasty ripe peaches.
Peanut Butter (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Rich & creamy peanut butter.
Pear (TFA) Juicy natural pear flavor.
Pecan (TFA) Strong & nutty pecan.
Peppermint (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Fresh, herbal mint.
Pie Crust (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Flaky & buttery crust, great for blending.
Pina Colada (TFA) Tropical blend of pineapple & coconut.
Pineapple (TFA) Fresh, juicy pineapple.
Pomegranate (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Refreshing, sweet & tart pomegranate fruit.
Pomegranate (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Floral, sweeter pomegranate.
Raspberry (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Candy-like raspberry.
Raspberry - Sweet (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Sweet & juicy raspberry, more fruit-like than candy-like.
Red Steer Energy Drink (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Close, but not quite the classic energy drink.
Root Beer (FW)
Not Yet Rated
A spicy and delicious root beer. Excellent when mixed with vanilla or cream flavors!
Rose (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Floral & light like fresh cut roses.
Rum - Jamaican (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Rich, spiced Jamaican rum.
RY4 Double (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Tobacco blend with heavy caramel notes.
Sarsaparilla (TW)
Not Yet Rated
A traditional soda flavor, similar to Root Beer, just like your grandpappy drank. Temporarily Out Of Stock
Spearmint (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Bright & clean spearmint freshness.
Strawberry (TFA) Fruity fresh & natural strawberry.
New! Sugar Cookie (FW)
Not Yet Rated
Soft baked cookie with a touch of sweet vanilla.
New! Sweet And Tart (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
A recreation of a popular candy. Mixes well with other flavors.
Sweet Cream (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Milky & creamy with custard notes but only slight sweetness.
Toasted Almond (TFA) Very toasty almond nuttiness.
Tobacco - 7 Leaves Ultimate (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Dry and radiant, with a light undertone of dried leaves, woody nuances and a spicy touch.
Tobacco - Black Fire (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Intense & smoky with caramel undertones.
Tobacco - Black Honey (TFA) Sweet, complex pipe tobacco very similar to "Captain Black".
Tobacco - Burley (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Straight from Kentucky, a rich & smooth tobacco with delicate floral understones.
Tobacco - Cuban Supreme (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Fragrant & nuanced tobacco reminiscent of Cuba's finest.
Tobacco - Latakia (FA) Old style rustic cured tobacco.
Tobacco - Shade (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Connecticut shade tobacco's distinct smoothness.
Tobacco - USA Type Premium (TFA) Authentic, rustic tobacco.
Tobacco Absolute (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Grassy uncured tobacco.
Tutti Frutti (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Candy-like fruit blend.
Vanilla Bourbon (FA) Woody & mild, a sweet vanilla with a touch of spice.
Violet Candy (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Sweet and floral violet.
Waffle - Belgian (TFA) Big bakery flavor. Could be used as pancake or waffle!
Watermelon (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Delicious & juicy watermelon that blends well.
Whipped Cream (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
A light cream, not strong on its own but great for blending.
Ylang Ylang (FA)
Not Yet Rated
A special, exotic taste of the rainforest. Based on the finest floral extracts.

  Enhancement  Rating Description  
Bitter Wizard (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Adds a bitter quality to an e-Liquid. Great for tobacco and coffee flavors!
New! Fruity N' Smooth (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Rounds off "sharp edges", particularly suited for fruit blends.
Koolada (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Gives e-Liquid a "cold" sensation, without the mintyness of menthol.
Menthol (TFA) Adds a blast of icy menthol to an e-Liquid.
Smoother (TFA)
Not Yet Rated
Rounds off "sharp edges". Great for blends with many flavorings.
Sour (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Increases the sourness of an e-Liquid.
Sweetener (TFA) Increases the sweetness of an e-Liquid.
New! Vape Wizard (FA)
Not Yet Rated
Smooths and deepens tobacco flavors.

Flavorings/Enhancements labeled (TFA) are manufactured by The Flavor Apprentice in California, USA.
Flavorings/Enhancements labeled (FA) are manufactured by FlavourArt in Italy.
Flavorings/Enhancements labeled (FW) are manufactured by Flavor West in California, USA.
Flavorings/Enhancements labeled (TW) are manufactured by Totally Wicked in the United Kingdom.
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